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Hiring contractors ? 5 areas to check information security practices

mardi 26 mai 2015

Do you know how well your vendors, business associates and contracted third parties (who I will collectively call “contractors”) are protecting the information with which you’ve entrusted them to perform some sort of business activity ? You need to know.

Late last year, a study revealed that 33 percent of breaches in the retail industry were due to vulnerabilities caused by third-party vendors having access to sensitive information. The largest healthcare breach in 2014, which affected 4.5 million patients, came from a contractor of a hospital system.

The list of breaches caused by contractors throughout all industries could fill a large book. The damage that your third parties can cause to your business can be significant. Do you know the risks that your contractors and other third parties bring to your organization ? Or, will your contractors take down your business because of their poor security and privacy practices ?

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