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Fuld & Company Intelligence Software Report® 2006-2007

dimanche 24 septembre 2006

Could Career Risks Outweigh Benefits for Competitive Intelligence Technology Users ? Execs Worry About Pressure for Quick Results

Are you taking a risk when selecting a technology tool for competitive intelligence ? Of course you are, but ask yourself, will the benefits outweigh the risks - and are you prepared for that technology ? Last year, we conducted a survey asking current and potential CI technology customers about the risk-taking aspects of CI technology. We received some surprising, some honest, but mostly very positive answers along the way.

Technology serving the competitive intelligence arena has exploded in recent years. These technology tools come in all types and approaches, including : Competitive intelligence (CI)-specific tools, text mining packages adapted to this market niche, new visualization tools, ERP technology, a raft of ASP offerings, custom solutions, as well as products designed for broader market intelligence applications. Technology has indeed come a long way in serving this niche market.

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