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Six Business Intelligence Predictions For 2015

dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Being a data-driven organization requires a combination of analysis and predictions. As we look at the last several years, big data has been the dominant force, moving from a consumer-based requirement to a must-have strategy for enterprises to stay competitive. This data revolution is seeing accelerated technology adoption curves and is forcing job roles to change, strategic investments in technologies like Hadoop and data quality/governance, threats to incumbent BI vendors, just to name a few. 2015 will see big changes in enterprise information management, as organizations transform every employee into being data-driven, as analytic use-cases become more complex, and as vendors try to predict the next need of the market.

Prediction 1 : The lines will blur between data scientists and data analysts.

Prediction 2 : Microsoft and Salesforce will take a dominant share of the cloud-based business intelligence.

Prediction No. 3 : Data preparation replaces Big Data as the hottest topic in BI.


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