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Exploitation des téléphones portables pour des investigations - Micro Systemation

lundi 27 avril 2009

Micro Systemation AB was founded in 1984 with business concept based on data communications. During the company’s first year it focused on enabling the proprietary protocols used at the time to communicate with one another. Since 2003 they focus on mobile forensic solutions. Our first product : the .XRY system has become the de facto standard in the business.

The XRY/XACT system bundle With Micro Systemation’s mobile forensics products your work will be easier, more efficient and lead to more convictions. .XRY is a easy to use, complete system. Our latest mobile forensic solution : the XACT software may even recover deleted data. Both the .XRY and the XACT mobile forensic applications may be completed with the handy SIM id-Cloner that solves SIM card and PIN code problems.

SIM id-Cloner, a handy mobile forensic add-on to .XRY and XACT, is used to examine mobile phones that don’t have an original SIM card, mobile phones that have a PIN locked SIM card and mobile phones that don’t have a net connection.
With the help of the handy SIM id-Cloner, the user can create a SIM card that gives access to the mobile phone without destroying the information : phonebook, call lists and more. If the SIM card is available and not PIN locked, and you want to examine the cell phone without connecting to the network to avoid incoming calls or text messages.

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