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Government Designed for New Times

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

This publication marks the start of what we hope will be a global conversation
about government. McKinsey & Company works with governments in more
than 85 countries, and we frequently are surprised at how little mutual awareness
there is of the approaches international peers are taking to common problems.
Of course, both the context and the solution required are always unique, but
in recent years we have begun to see strong patterns emerge. With that in mind,
we have drawn on our global reach to bring together perspectives from around
the world-a core mission for the new McKinsey Center for Government.

We asked the contributors to Government Designed for New Times to write
about the issues and ideas they feel most passionate about. The essays cover
a broad swath of terrain, including transformation of government, innovation in
public services, and new competencies required for success. They represent
a range of perspectives, and in all cases, reflect the views of the writer rather than
those of our firm.

We sought a diversity of contributors-political leaders and civil servants,
economists and policy experts, generalists and specialists. Tony Blair,
former prime minister of the United Kingdom, and Göran Persson, former
prime minister of Sweden, both led broad reforms and reflect on what it
took to succeed. Other contributors comment on the work of government from
the outside ; for example, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson urges increased
government funding for research and space exploration, and philanthropist
Nicolas Berggruen argues for a new, middle way for governance.

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