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Mobile Privacy Principles

mercredi 2 février 2011

The mobile and web industries are in a process of unprecedented convergence. We
are seeing the continuing innovation and rapid emergence of new social media and
applications, many of which are being used across a multiplicity of networks and
always-on Internet-enabled devices. These developments bring enormous economic
and social value to individuals and to society as a whole. They also increasingly enable
individual users to shape and present rich and personal identities online while bringing
virtual communities of their choice literally in to the palm of their hands.

A critical factor for the sustainable development of this eco-system is a robust and
effective framework for the protection of privacy, where users can continue to have
confidence and trust in mobile applications and services. The mobile industry has a
key opportunity to create and promote the conditions that ensure privacy is not only
safeguarded throughout this eco-system, but also enhanced as an enabling platform for
personal connectivity, presence and identity management.

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